chi sono e cosa faccio.

multidisciplinary designer


I'm Darwin, a designer with an insatiable passion for all things digital. I live in the middle of the enchanting Dolomites, but my mind is always on new creative adventures.

Product Designer

at Fiscozen
Sep 2022 → Now

As a Product Designer, I play a key role in identifying and developing design opportunities from discovery through delivery, working closely with Product Managers and Tech Team Leaders.

Key responsibilities

Conducting user research activities with our valued customers and stakeholders to gain valuable insights. Analyzing data from qualitative research to continuously improve our product and ensure a great user experience.

Leading the Product Squad in design-related matters, coordinating the research and development of innovative features that address the needs and pain points of our valued customers.

Actively contribute to the evolution of our design system, adding new components and patterns in line with design guidelines and brand identity.

Full Stack Designer

at Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson
Mar 2017 → Aug 2022

My primary focus was on executing graphic projects for the company's digital channels, including the website, social media, and direct email marketing (DEM) campaigns.

I was responsible for designing, developing, and managing landing pages and other digital assets for Erickson's website (Erickson.it). I also played an integral role in shaping the visual identity for digital communication campaigns, both at the corporate level and to promote specific products such as books, educational projects, and digital services.

Key responsibilities

Creating innovative and impactful graphics for various digital platforms was a crucial aspect of my work. To achieve this, I used wireframing and mockup design skills, optimized for target channels, and implemented front-end development using HTML and CSS.

Improving the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the existing website was another important part of my role. I used tools like HotJar and Google Analytics to monitor the performance of digital channels and make necessary improvements and optimizations.

In addition to my graphic expertise, I also conducted photo shoots for the company's needs and created animation and motion graphics to add dynamism and engagement to Erickson's digital content. I was also involved in video projects, from set organization to shooting and editing, which allowed me to expand my multimedia production skills and deliver high-quality video content to Erickson's clients.

Throughout my tenure, I had the privilege of coordinating two fellow designers, particularly in the collaborative alignment of ideas and graphics.

Ui Design

at Talent Garden
Feb 2022 → May 2022

Graduating from the UI Design Master program at Talent Garden, I gained expertise in designing user interfaces using modern processes and tools like Figma and Framer.

Throughout the program, I focused on creating intuitive and responsive digital interfaces, collaborating effectively with diverse teams to deliver user-centric design solutions.

Graphic Design

Bachelor degree
Sept 2013 → Feb 2017

My Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design Multimedia from LABA provided me with a versatile skill set for visual communication.

Proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, I developed a strong foundation in creating visual content across various mediums, from logo design to motion graphics, with a focus on engaging storytelling.

Computer Science

HS diploma
at ITT G.Marconi
Sept 2008 → Jun 2013

My high school education at ITT G.Marconi, specializing in Computer Science, equipped me with fundamental skills in software development and telecommunications technologies.

Proficient in languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, and SQL, I gained valuable experience in problem-solving and analytical thinking, preparing me for a career in technology.

The last dances


Personal projects

I'm always excited to learn new things and work on fresh projects. Whether it's a new design concept or a coding challenge, I dive in with enthusiasm and creativity.



In November '23, I explored Japan's major cities over 20 days, savoring its rich culture and vibrant landscapes.

As a perfectionist, I meticulously planned every detail of the trip, take a look here.


& books

I love cinema in all its forms and always have a subscription to catch the latest releases.

There's nothing like the experience of watching a movie on the big screen.

Aftersun - Movie
Perfect days - Movie
Wonder - Book


Fav Vinyl

I've been into vinyl for years. My small but mighty selection features artists like Bonobo, Caribou, The xx, and more.

Listen my playlist.

Cosmo - Sulle ali del cavallo bianco

Fav tools

  • Figma

    For crafting awesome designs together.

  • Raycast

    For zipping through tasks like a pro.

  • ReclaimAi

    For magically organizing my schedule.

  • Notion

    For turning chaos into order in my life and job.

  • Spotify

    For jamming while I create.

  • Screen Studio

    For recording my screen like a boss.

  • Arc browser

    For surfing the web in a cool way.

  • Sheet

    For making data my best friend and managing my cash flow.

  • Visual Studio Code

    For coding with superpowers.


If you want to contact me, you can write a mail to or send a telegram to @darwiiiin